Long Range I

Long range shooting up to distances of 1000m/1500m (the maximal shooting distance can vary, depending on the available shooting range)

The seminar Long Range I is a 1.5 day long range outside shooting seminar (with all environmental factors).

General Information

Day 1

This unique class will give the participant the opportunity to experience shooting with all the variables of the outdoor environment. The first day will begin with intensive theory in which all aspects of ballistics, calculations for environmental factors, ammunition, and firearm issues are addressed. Day 1 is concluded with drinks and a group dinner at the seminar hotel.

Day 2

Day 2 starts at 08:30 am at the shooting range. After a short general range briefing and the lesson “Reading the Wind”, the shooting will begin.

The first step will be to zero in and check all rifles at 100 meters. In this first step, Andreas Bach will have already eliminated any apparent technical shooting flaws. Afterwards, the participants will be shooting up to the maximum target distance, which depends on the respective shooting range and the utilized calibers. Target distances will vary from 100 meters up to 1400 meters, depending on the limits of the range, and hits can be detected immediately. The instructor will assist the participants with questions or problems while they are shooting and provide help and useful tips for constantly improving shooting performance.
A light lunch will be provided during the break so that everybody is strong and refreshed. Additionally, the afternoon will provide the opportunity to explore various special shooting positions for those who wish to try.

Rental rifles in calibers suitable for long range shooting as well as powerful spotting scopes can be provided.
The maximum number of participants is 12 people.

Seminar description


Outdoor range in southern Germany. The exact location will be provided after the registration.

Seminar fee:           

350€ (VAT included)

Current Date

  • 26./27. oct 20 – unbooked
  • 01./02. nov 20 –unbooked
  • 02./03. nov 20 – unbooked