AR 15 Level 0

The mandatory basic class for all shooters who do not have competition experience already (at least 3 Level III competitions with a score of 70%).

Course level 0 deals with the important basics for AR 15 competition shooting. Speed is not crucial yet at this stage. Participants should rather get comfortable with the respective routines in a stress-free environment. Suitable not just for beginners – also more experienced shooters can enhance their skills.

Course Focus

  • Theory: Safety regulations, shooting skill, basics of ballistics, differences IPSC/combat shooting
  • Basic rifle handling, optics adjustment
  • Materials knowledge


  • Zeroing in the rifles (efficient basic adjustments within a few minutes)
  • Stance/aiming position: Standing, kneeling, prone (freehand, rested, bipod)
  • Jamming drill (1-2 basic exercises)
  • Target alternation
  • Shooting rhythm (alternation 10/25/50 m)
  • Rapid magazine changing drill
  • Sight/trigger (determination of offset)
  • Hit announcement (deviation)

In a final exercise comprising all elements of the course, the training success will be assessed. A successful final exam is the prerequisite for the next level, AR 15 (SLB) Level I.

Equipment Requirements

  • Own AR 15 rifle (rental rifles available, lease 80 €/day)
  • 500 rounds of ammunition (can be pre-ordered from us)
  • 4 magazines (limited to 10 rounds)
  • Magazine pouches
  • Belt
  • Suitable clothing/shoes
  • Knee/elbow pads
  • Shooting glasses
  • Ear protection


Start: 9 am
End: 7 pm

Theory block: ca. 120 minutes

Shooting: ca. 7 hours

Requirements: Proof of insurance (valid German hunting license or membership in a shooting club)

Maximum Number of Participants: 12 

Seminar Fee:

EUR 250.00

Dates and Location:

  • 03.04.2020 unbooked
  • 08.05.2020 unbooked
  • 31.07.2020 unbooked