Long Range III

Long range shooting up to 1000m/1500m (the maximal shooting distance can vary, depending on the available range)

The seminar Long Range III  is a 1 1/2 day long range outside shooting seminar (with all environmental factors).

Seminar Topics

  • Determination of Distance Using the Scope Sight
  • Field Shooting (Unknown Distance Shooting)
  • Creating a Professional Target Sketch
  • Hitting the Target at 300 - 1000 Meters by Shifting the Point of Aim and Working with the Reticle, Without Clicking and with Fixed Sight Settings

General Information

Day 1

In the course of a thorough theory lesson, all aspects of field shooting, distance determination by using the reticle only (without laser), calculation of the point of aim in the scope, and hitting the target up to a distance of 1000m without clicking will be addressed.

Day 1 is concluded with drinks and a group dinner at the seminar hotel.

Day 2

The second day is characterized by practical shooting training on the range.

The participants meet at 08:30 am on the range.

After all click values were tested for known distances up to 1000 m, the ranges between the unknown targets (intermediate distances) are determined, and an individual shooting documentation is created. Field shooting.

After lunch, all targets are aimed at using the reticle only. The click adjustment remains fixed on a set value, e.g. 500m. Target distances vary between 300 and 1000m.

In order to internalize what had been taught to that point, rapid target changes are done, where three shots are fired within 60 seconds on various distances – also considering the influence of wind (e.g 375m – 690m – 435m).

The seminar Long Range III is an advanced course that requires a certain level of skill. For this reason, the seminar Long Range I is mandatory to participate.

Andreas Bach is of course supervising each participant, assisting with practical help and advice to guarantee a constant increase in the individual shooting skills.

A hot meal for lunch on the range is included.

In case of need, enough rifles in calibers suitable for long range shooting as well as powerful spotting scopes are available for rent.

The maximal number of participants is 12 people.

Seminar Description


Outdoor range in southern Germany. The exact location will be provided after the registration.

Seminar Fee:

350€ (VAT included)

Current Dates:

  •  10./11.11.2020
  • 16./17.12.2020