Ultra Long Range Practical Shooting Seminar Namibia

It is a well known problem to all target shooters: The possibilities for long range shooting in Europe a rather scarce. And those who own rifles in the caliber range beyond .338 Lapua Mag. can hardly shoot them at all.

This is why we are more than happy that we can now offer to those of you who would like to shoot at distances of 2000m and more a unique one-week intensive long range shooting course in Namibia. All calibers are open in this seminar, also including the CheyTacs or .50 BMG.

General Information

  • The seminar IS NOT a military sniper training course. This means that tactical shooting, camouflage, exploitation of terrain, and fighting tactics will NOT be taught!
  • Maximum number of participants: 10
  • If 6 people or more: Accomodation will be in tents in a camp close to the shooting range
  • Open calibers. The import and use of .375 CheyTac, .416 Barrett, .460 Steyr, .408 CheyTac, as well as .50 BMG are also allowed!
  • Import maximum is 80 rounds. You will have the possibility for reloading on site, or you can pre-order ammunition.
  • The seminar also includes a reloading workshop so that enough ammo is available for 3 shooting days (see seminar schedule).
  • The necessary reloading equipment is mostly available on site (powder: in Namibia only Somchem/Denell is available).
  • Optional hunting: 2 oryx kills per person are possible and can be booked in addition to the seminar. All participants enter the country as “hunting guest”, because legal and logistical obstacles for target shooters are disproportionally high (hunting is not mandatory though)A German hunting license is not necessary.

Additional (hunting) days as well as accompanying persons can be booked and are settled with the farm directly.

Seminar Schedule

Monday  (1. Day)

  • Arrival, Pickup of the Participants at Windhoek Airport
  • Theory Lessons in Long Range Shooting
  • Range Briefing
  • Preparation of the Equipment

Tuesday (2. Day)

  • Basic Long Range Shooting up to 1500 m (1640 yd)
  • Basic Lesson: “Reading the Wind”
  • Zeroing in of the Weapons
  • Determination of Click Values
  • Basics of Interaction Between Shooter and Spotter

Wednesday (3. Day)

  • Workshop: “Reloading”
  • Lesson for the Preparation of Loading Data
  • Preparation and Shooting of Loading Ladders
  • Reloading

Thursday (4. Day)

  • Long Range Shooting
  • Improvised Aiming Positions in the Terrain
  • Shooting at 2000 m (2190 yd) and Beyond
  • Shooting Corrections by Using Reticles

Friday (5. Day)

  • Long Range Shooting
  • Angle Shots, 30° Downhill
  • Rapid Fire, Fast Target Changes
  • Or Optional Hunting

Saturday (6. Day)

  • Departure
  • Hunting

Seminar description

Required Equipment

  • Rifle (in Rifle Case), Bipod
  • Ammunition: 80 Rounds + 200 Unprimed Cases
  • 200 Match Bullets
  • Own Reloading Die and Case Holder
  • Laser Rangefinder (if available)
  • Ear Protection
  • Sunglasses
  • Thorn-Proof Clothing, Windbreaker

Seminar Fee:

2450 €


  • Transfer To / From Windhoek Airport
  • Full Board on the Farm
  • Laundry Service
  • All Seminar Services (See Schedule)

Not included

  • Flight To / From Windhoek
  • Additional Days
  • 2 Oryx Kills
  • Additional Kills Or Trophies
  • Alcoholic Beverages

Current Dates:

April/August 2025

currently not available

For More Information on the Farm and the Surroundings Please Follow This Link.