AR-15 Advanced Course (Dynamic Semi-Auto Rifle Shooting)

The Advanced Training Course to Our Semi-Auto Rifle Basic Seminar

Our AR-15 Advanced Course picks up where the Basic course ends, without any pressure towards competition training (shooters with IPSC ambitions please refer to our AR-15 Level Classes).

The Advanced Course focuses on competent rifle handling during dynamic shooting. Here, too, a thorough theoretical groundwork is laid before the participants are shooting on the range.

The same principal as in the Basic Course holds true for the Advanced Class: No excessive demands, no pressure – all that counts is to have fun shooting!

Prerequisite for the Advanced Course is our Basic Course or any of our AR-15 Level Courses. Seminars done with other shooting instructors are also recognized (proof of participation required).

Liability insurance (valid German hunting license or shooting club membership) is mandatory.

Course Contents

The AR-15 Advanced Course teaches the necessary basics for dynamic shooting, designed for shooters without any competition goals.

  • Magazine swapping drills in movement
  • Different aiming positions (prone to standing)
  • Transition
  • Fast jamming drill
  • Competent rifle handling up to distances of 50m
  • Shooting rhythm
  • Speed drills
  • Speed courses
  • Instructions for settinig up an effective training schedule (dry practice and live fire)

Our shooting instruction does not copy training methods of other known instructors. Our instructors can look back on a long-term experience as shooting instructors for Special Forces units and competition shooting. Instead of fixed shooting drills, the skill level of each individual participant will be addressed.

Equipment Requirements

  • Own AR 15 rifle (rental rifles available, lease 80 €/day)
  • 500 rounds of ammunition (can be pre-ordered from us)
  • 4 magazines (limited to 10 rounds)
  • Magazine pouches
  • Belt
  • Suitable clothing/shoes
  • Knee/elbow pads
  • Shooting glasses
  • Ear protection

Seminar Description

Maximal Number of Participants: 12

Start: 0900 am

End: 0600 pm

Theory Block: 120 Minutes

Range Time: 6 Hours

Seminar Fee:

EUR 250,00