AR 15 Level II

Advanced course to AR 15 Level I. To participate, the final exam in the previous course has to be successfully completed. Shooters with competition experience (at least 3 Level III competitions, score 70% or more) can participate without AR 15 Level 0 and I.

Course Focus

  • Different shooting positions
  • Movement between positions
  • Safe rifle handling from 5-100 (300) m


  • Reloading while moving
  • Improvement of shooting skills and increase in fire speed
  • Precision and speed drill
  • Alternation in distance between 5 and 100 (300) m (point of aim drill)
  • Movement between stations

In a final exercise comprising all elements from the course, the training progress will be assessed. A successfull final exam is the prerequisite for the subsequent course AR 15 (SLB) Level III.

Equipment Requirements

  • Own AR 15 rifle (rental rifles available, lease 80 €/day)
  • 500 rounds of ammunition (can be pre-ordered from us)
  • 4 magazines (limited to 10 rounds)
  • Magazine pouches
  • Belt
  • Suitable clothing/shoes
  • Knee/elbow pads
  • Shooting glasses
  • Ear protection


Maximum Number of Participants: 12 

Seminar Fee:

EUR 250.00

Dates and Location:

  • Mar 17.2020 – unbooked

Outdoor range in southern Germany. The exact location will be provided after the registration.