Spotter Course

I hereby confirm my registration for the Spotter Course.

We will be sending you your legally binding registration confirmation along with the bill.

I recognize that the registration is legally effective only after the written confirmation and after the full seminar fee of 480 € (VAT included) is cashed in the account of the Jagd- und Schießschule Bach GmbH.

Force Majeure: If the Jagd- und Schießschule Bach GmbH is unable to perform services due to circumstances beyond our control (cancellation of shooting ranges through the Bundeswehr or shooting cancellation due to extreme weather conditions), we are not to be held liable.

Waiver of Liability: With their signature, the participant dismisses the Jagd- und Schießschule Bach GmbH from any liability for any and all property damage to themselves or others’ property, and is responsible for any harm caused to themselves or others, or any third party.

Firearm Registration: For shooting at the military training area, only previously registered rifles can be allowed. This registration is legally binding 4 weeks prior to the event.