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Our AR 15 classes are composed of 5 modules that are based on each other. We accompany the participants together with our two co-instructors, who are among the best IPSC shooters in Germany, from the first steps to competition level.

Those shooters who already have competition experience (at least 3 Level II competitions with a minimum score of 70%) can start off with the course AR 15 Level II. All others need to participate at courses Level 0 and I.

In this context, other AR 15 classes not done by us cannot be recognized or credited.

Please note that we do not instruct tactical shooting, our focus is on competition only. For this reason, military equipment (such as helmets, plate carriers,…) and clothing with camo pattern are not allowed in our courses.

Seminar language is German. However, English classes can be arranged for groups of English speakers.


In order to guarantee the best possible training, all courses are held by 2 instructors.


Instructor Portraits: 


Andreas “Anderl” Bach

  • Born 1971
  • 19 year experience in Special Forces
  • Shooting instructor in Special Forces
  • Certified shooting trainer
  • Sports shooter since 1993, handgun and rifle (focus IPSC and Long Range)
  • Hunter since 1999




Oliver „Oli“ Kemter

  • Born 1980
  • Shooting trainer and competition shooter
  • Longterm experience as shooter and trainer in competition shooting with handgun and rifle
  • Active IPSC shooter since 2006
  • Extensive experience in national and international competitions
  • Several titles as German champion and runner-up in BDS and IPSC




Emre „LOW“ Korkmaz

  • Born 1977
  • Experienced sports shooter in the field of handgun and rifle
  • Active in competition shooting in several associations since 2001, successful IPSC shooter
  • Sales representative in the field “International Sales Authorities and End Customer” for the company Carl-Walther in Ulm