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AR-15/SLB Basic Course (Dynamic Semi-Auto Rifle Shooting)

Our Semi-Auto Basic Course (Rifle)

– For Everybody With No IPSC Ambitions

… Simply Enjoy Shooting !


In contrast to our AR-15 (SLB) Level 0-IV Courses, the Semiauto Basic Course (Rifle) is not strictly aimed at IPSC competition training. The goal of this seminar rather is to get perfectly comfortable and experienced with handling your rifle and to simply enjoy shooting.

In a two hour theory block you will learn about everything there is to know about your semiautomatic rifle, about different shooting techniques and firing positions. The theoretical knowlegde will subsequently be applied on the shooting range – without any pressure, test situations, or stress.

You do not need any particular skills for the course.

Prerequisite: Proof of insurance (valid German hunting license, shooting club membership, or similar)


Course Contents

Our AR-15 Basic Course teaches you all necessary skills of semi-auto rifle shooting, for shooters without the goal to participate in IPSC competitions.

In a short classroom introduction, participants will learn about safety regulations, shooting techniques, the basics of ballistics, differences between IPSC and combat shooting, basic rifle handling, adjustment of optics (Zero/Point Blank), and material science.

The focus of practical shooting on the range will be:

  • Zeroing in of the rifles (efficient basic adjustment within a few minutes)
  • Shooting/aiming positions: Standing, kneeling, prone (freehand, supported, bipod), body control
  • Double tap, speed shooting under maximal rifle control
  • Jamming drill (1-2 basic drills)
  • Target alternation
  • Shooting rhythm (alternation 10/25/50 m)
  • Rapid magazine swapping drills
  • Sight/trigger
  • Offset determination
  • Shot announcement

Our shooting training does not replicate exercises applied by other known instructors. Our trainers are skilled shooters with long-term experience in instructing Military Special Forces and competition shooters. This way, instead of applying fixed shooting drills, our training adapts to the individual skill level and performance of each participant in a flexible way.

Larry Vickers, Pat McNamarra, Heckler und Koch,Sig Sauer, Viking Tactics, Glock 17, Chris Kyle, Sniper, Kyle Lamb


Equipment Requirements

  • Own AR 15 rifle (rental rifles available, lease 80 €/day)
  • 500 rounds of ammunition (can be pre-ordered from us)
  • 4 magazines (limited to 10 rounds)
  • Magazine pouches
  • Belt
  • Suitable clothing/shoes
  • Knee/elbow pads
  • Shooting glasses
  • Ear protection



Start: 0900 am

End: 0600 pm

Theory Block: 120 Minutes

Range Time: 6 Hours

Maximal Number of Participants: 12 

Fee: EUR 250,00


Dates and Location